About Us

Bothra Creation is a leading garment manufacturing, designing and development company whose experience, strategic insights and innovation help clients in setting up a strong brand reputation.

Since 1996 we are into kids apparel manufacturing sector fuelling fashion wears across India, based in Indore and now reaching out to different countries. We sell out our products under brand name Little Dolly, which is in very less span of time became the most preferred and quality products for kids wear for girls. Our clothes are quality material along with most fashionable wear for the age group of 1 to 5 years. When we create garments, kids are always in our mind and accordingly we handcraft our products, so that when kids wear it they should simply feel the love we pour into our garments.


Bothra Creation, a reservoir of the best talent, is built on the pillars of innovation, excellence and honesty, in order to become a global leader in the kids’ apparel manufacturing industry. “We strive for perfection when it comes to delivery”.

Mission Statement

1. For Our Clients – National or Global – Our Mission is to provide superior value products which are best in quality, innovation and value for money. We will help our clients to achieve the business results they seek.

2. For us – Our People and Our Company – Our Mission is to become a world class kid’s apparel manufacturing firm. By leading the industry in thought and innovation, we will create value for our clients and exciting new growth opportunities for our people and our company.

3. We strive to achieve “The Best of The Best” end-result to meet clients and end user satisfaction.

4. Our Internal review of product quality against QA/QC is a benchmark to improve our products.

For them we mainly focus on four fundamentals i.e. 4F`s


Honesty – Honesty is the driving policy in all our client dealings.

Ethics – We uphold Ethical principles of truth and humanity in all our business transactions.

Respect – Every action of ours is governed by respect for the individual – be it our co-worker, client, vendor or any stakeholder.

Ownership – We work as individuals, taking total ownership for every task we perform, in our journey towards a common goal.

We strive to and have consistently exceeded customer expectations on all fronts – Product Development, Design Innovation & Quality Assurance. “Best” is not our benchmark, instead to do “Better than Best” is our goal, and to provide “The Best of The Best” is our promise to our customers.