Kids apparel manufacturing is a challenging task especially for age group 1 – 5 years. One needs to be simple yet fashionable, so that kids look beautiful wearing them. Our brand Little Dolly by Bothra Creation over two decades, is a leading garments brand. It believes in 4Fs and they are Fashion, Fabric, Fitting, and Finishing. They are the 4 pillars of any manufacturing unit. When these 4Fs come together, it turns out to be fashionable kids’ clothes.


Fashion is not meant for just big old people, or ladies. It is related to even kids, right from age one. Every parent wants their kids to look beautiful, fashionable and trendy right from the time they are born. Parents look for fashionable clothes every time they are out for shopping. Not only for girls, but for boys also, trendy clothes are out in market. Fashion is now more than pink for girls and blue for boys. Making fashionable clothes is the basic need for every kid’s apparel making company, so that kids wearing them look sweet, cute and adorable.


Fabric is the material out of which beautiful garments are created. When it comes to kids garments, fabric should be soft and smooth, so that no itching or irritation occurs. Kids’ skins are very delicate and soft; there are chances of rashes, allergy or anything of that sort, so it is very important to take care of what kind of material is used for their clothing. Fabric is the base of garment manufacturing unit and so they have to choose it very cautiously so that their product quality doesn’t get hampered. Every garment manufacturing company makes sure that they use quality material for kids’ garments and at the same time they are fashionable too.


Clothes which are of right fitting looks good, if they are small or big in size than it looks like somebody else’s clothes. This fitting criterion applies to everyone’s clothes whether it’s small kid’s clothes or an adult’s clothes. On small kids big or small size clothes look very bad, and it seems like they have been borrowed from elder sister or brother. The kids’ garments manufacturing company have ideal size for every age group with option of small, medium and large, so that it can fit to every size of kids easily. Every parent wants their kids to look sweet, so they don’t go for over size clothes but proper fitting clothes.


Any clothes will look good when it is stitched to perfection. Any loose stitch or thread coming out from a finished garment piece never looks good, even if it is well designed. All manufacturing units make sure that their clothes have proper finishing, so that when any one wears it, garment look good on them. When it comes to kids, garment companies need to take special care about finishing of clothes, if any loose thread is left, it may turn out to be disaster. So finishing is the basic need of the garment which every garment manufacturing unit should comply with.